Fish specialties

Restaurant with specialties of fish from the sea to our table ….

The cuisine offers fish from early classics like spaghetti with clams, risotto Scampi cream, linguine with lobster, the first more elaborate and rich as Spaghetti allo Scoglio or Husk, Gnocchi Sardi Shrimp & amp; Arugula, Maltagliati Sword Fish with Capers and Olives, Tagliolini with Scampi, Linguine with octopus …
As for the latter there is a wide variety of fish to grill – such as sea bass, sea bream, yellowtail, co by toad – to do stewed hen with tomatoes, mullet Livornese, turbot with potatoes. A special feature of the house and of the Sardinian cuisine is the Bottarga, a delicacy for connoisseurs, that can be served cut in slices as an appetizer or minced clams with linguine & amp; cherry tomatoes, accompanied by one of several Vermentini available in the cellar.
One of the battle plates are malloreddu Campidanese with the classic Sattizzu and Pecorino, very good are the ricotta and spinach ravioli made by Mr. Louis.